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Sunday Services

10:30 AM

Sweetwater Church is a family of strong Christians abiding in the Love of Jesus. Our hearts are to carry His Love everywhere we go, to see the Kingdom of God manifest. Pastor Buck Eaton, founded the Church in 2004 and continues leading the ministry.

Wentworth "Buck" Eaton

Wentworth "Buck" Eaton

Senior Pastor


In 2004, the Spirit of God led Buck to The Leaders School of Ministry at Catch the Fire Toronto where he had a life changing encounter with God the Father. Jesus commissioned him in the midst of that encounter to “Take this love and share it with My people.” He has endeavored since then to follow Jesus in this calling.

He believes that our Father desires to bring each of us into the reality of living in the “glorious freedom of sons.”

Buck is the senior pastor of Sweetwater Church, and has been in full-time ministry since 2003. He holds a degree in economics, and worked in the financial service industry for 16 years before entering the ministry.